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Welding and Fabrication Services

American Industrial Werks fabricators have made vast array of custom steel products built to specifications. We can build your product based on drawings provided or provide you with design and drawing services as well. We specialize in custom fabrication of small quantity orders.

Our engineers are experts in heavy industrial facility design and modifications. From process engineering and analytical engineering to mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, they can accommodate small or large projects. Our custom work is geared toward solving a problem that requires a fabricated assembly be designed, built and installed into your location's station. Each fabrication is engineered to meet your fuctional requirements.

Project Planning - American Industrial Werks has the experience that brings efficiency, effectiveness and safety to the process of completing your project. Our project planning services for welding and fabrication can make all the difference between a smooth running project and hours of wasted time when creating custom bracing pieces for dismantled machinery to be moved.

Industries we serve include: Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Electrical and Energy, Municipalities, Schools and universities, Manufacturing and Fabrication, Printing, Construction, Medical Imaging and Pharmaceutical, Paper Mills and Chemical Plants. Every job is unique, whether it's heavy, sensitive, clean or fragile. Each client's job requires a plan of attack that is cost-effective and safe to protect your investment. Our crews have the expertise to ensure your project is successful.



Past Projects serving manufacturing, printing, material handling, chemical plants and much more...

Tank Repair
Machine guards
Construction components
Gates & railings
Industrial catwalks & platforms
Machinery frames and stands
Conveyor repair and customization


Machines Available

Vertical Band Saw
Horizontal Band Saw
Plasma cutting table - CNC control
Machining Center - CNC control
Lathes - CNC control
Manual mill
Manual Lathes
Press Brakes
Drill Presses
MIG Welding machines
Aluminum welders
Stud welder


We accept AutoCAD, PDF and all image files


Our welding capabilities include:
Our welders work with:
All grades of Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel.
Material Thickness: We weld material up to 2" thick.
Part Size: We weld components of all shapes and sizes and can accommodate most any design.

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